Bologna, June 16, 2021



Some good reasons for carrying out the activity of Transporter in Cosepuri:

  1. For the extreme diversification of the MERCELOGICAL TYPES served.

Cosepuri is not a single-client company: it directly owns and manages a numerically large customer portfolio with a highly heterogeneous composition.

From fresh food to prepared, from hospital healthcare to pharmaceuticals, from school canteens to those for hospitals, from Printing to Mechanics / Robotics, from Fashion to Leisure: Cosepuri serves multiple product categories.

This customer diversification allows for greater turnover opportunities even where certain sectors are going through a period of crisis.

  1. Because our world is clean and diverse

We alternate with ease and ease on various types of transport, such as collections and deliveries in the city and in the province, commissions and provisions for offices and banks, fiduciary services, or medium - long distance trips in Italy and Europe.

  1. For the responsibility and professionalism deriving from the activity of PROFESSIONAL DRIVER.

The service offered to customers by the Cosepuri delivery Service Division is an "all-round" activity that no standardization can match: it begins with identifying with the customer's activity, continues with the careful planning of the transport action and ends with the definition of methods and timing useful for the conclusion and success of the service.

The one offered by Cosepuri, therefore, is not a simple collection and delivery service from A to B, but a tailor-made "suit" that takes into account the customizations requested by the customer, each with specific characteristics and needs.

  1. For the strength and protection resulting from belonging to the GROUP.

A cooperative enterprise is a company "owned by the members" and Cosepuri is the largest and most innovative national transport cooperative.

The aspiration of those who work as a hauler is to be an enlightened entrepreneur and at the same time protected from the pitfalls that lurk in the transport sector. Exploitation and "hiring" are traps to free oneself from: belonging to a group is a guarantee of protection and safeguarding from these risks.

Joining a cooperative also cancels the significant pitfall represented by business risk, an unknown factor of those who work individually.

Further important is the purchasing power that characterizes a large group, such as advantageous contracts for goods and / or services' supply (dealers, etc.) indispensable for carrying out the activity, which reserve special conditions for shareholders.

The dimensions reached by Cosepuri in almost 50 years of activity indicate that the associated exercise of the activity produces significant advantages in terms of greater contractual strength, improvement of production capacity and working conditions of the consortium companies.

The spirit of aggregation has made the difference, allowing to build loyalty and progressively expand the customer portfolio and to develop the business. In fact, in a cooperative enterprise, the individual contribution of each of the associated enterprises helps to increase its potential, to distribute costs more and to make investments that are useful for equipping the structure with the best technologies.

Finally, the strength of the group is such as to influence and guide the legislator - through trade associations - in the issuance of new decrees or regulations pertaining to the sector at local and national level.

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