Auto Division - Rent a Car with Chauffeur

Auto Division - Rent a Car with Chauffeur

COSEPURI is the undisputed leader nationwide in the chauffeur-driven vehicle rental sector, both in terms of the number of vehicles we operate and the quality of service we offer, as well as in terms of sales.
COSEPURI Car Division can provide customers with 300 automobiles set up for chauffeur service (including Mercedes series E/series S, Maserati Ghibli, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Volvo for up to 4 passengers and minivans for 6/8 passengers). Of these, 150 serve Bologna through an Operations Center where competent and professional personnel draw up quotes and handle the logistics of all the delivery services.
All our limousines are safe, late-model luxury cars (usually not more than 2 years old), equipped for maximum comfort, fully insured, and driven by experienced, discreet, professional, English-speaking chauffeurs, prepared to take customers comfortably and safely to any destination, whether in Italy or abroad.
In order to assure the most efficient and effective car hire with driver service to our customers, COSEPURI uses state-of-the-art technology, using GPS technology to identify the vehicle closest to the pick-up point and automatically direct the driver to them for the requested service. All automobiles are equipped with cell phones, highway-access passes, satellite navigators, POS and tablet service payment systems and are readily available anywhere in the country.
COSEPURI’s years of experience have earned it credibility for all kinds of clientele: public and private institutions, associations, public, private and cooperative enterprises, professionals, event organizers and private citizens. Not to mention our tradition of solidarity and care by which we provide transport for school children, elderly or disabled people and those in need of dialysis on behalf of public institutions and health care facilities.

COSEPURI offers several methods of payment:

  • Monthly invoices for companies signed up as regular customers
  • Immediate payment in the vehicle by cash, debit or credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX)
  • On-line payment by credit card on our website:

Rent your car with driver with no extra charge for advance:

Download instructions for using the COSEPURI app - HERE.

Auto Division Bologna Car Rental with Driver in Bologna
Auto Division Bologna

Car Rental with Driver in Bologna

Auto Division Milano Car Rental with Driver in Milano
Auto Division Milano

Car Rental with Driver in Milano