Delivery Service Division

Delivery Service Division

COSEPURI Goods Transport Division boasts a fleet of 65 vehicles of up to 3000 kg available for immediate or pre-programmed transport and a competent and professional Operations Center dedicated to formulating estimates and organizing regular or occasional transport services for any kind of goods: packages, envelopes and files, garments on hangers, frozen or deep-frozen foodstuffs, etc.
Ranging from mini-cargo vans, regular-sized vans to box trailers equipped with hydraulic lifts, our fleet consists of all late-model vehicles (average age: 2 and a half years), driven by totally reliable drivers ready to carry out even urgent pick-ups and deliveries, with punctual and immediate service and with no intermediaries or intermingling with other materials, anywhere in Italy or abroad. Our GPS tracking system allows us to know where the vehicles are located at any given moment to identify the closest one available to the pick-up point for an automatic distribution of transport services.
All our vehicles, of all sizes, are fast and reliable and equipped with satellite navigators and cell phones.
In particular, the vast majority of our transport vehicles are insulated, refrigerated or equipped with hydraulic lifts and suitable for transporting foodstuffs – even deep frozen – or medicines that must be kept at a particular temperature, in accordance with HACCP regulations.
Finally, each vehicle is insured for third party damages (RCA) for € 6,000,000.00, with single limit liability per accident/personal damage/damage to things. The transported goods themselves are insured against damage or theft for the entire period spanning from their pick up to their delivery at their final destination, up to an amount of € 100,000.00 per single transport service carried out on behalf of the interested party. All our policies have been stipulated with major insurance companies. Should the value of the merchandise exceed these stated limits, but in any case within a total maximum value of € 200,000.00, COSEPURI can activate insurance coverage specifically for this type of transport.
The goods transported are covered against robbery for a value of up to € 30,000.00 per each individual transport service.
All vehicles are subject to annual inspection and are driven by competent drivers.
COSEPURI employs only qualified, expert drivers who have met every safety requirement and are covered by certification of regularity in the payment of social security contributions  (c.d. DURC).

Moreover, each member of our team of transport service providers:

  • has the required type of valid driver’s license
  • is a member of the official truckers’ association
  • has received a Certificate of Professional Competence for transporting goods on behalf of third-parties.

All of our drivers, carefully selected to guarantee reliability, professionality and accountability, following a precise protocol that calls for offering the utmost courtesy and attention to customers. Drivers are, moreover, employed in accordance with EU regulations as well as those set forth by provincial Offices for Civil Motoring and Transport Concessions.
Our Goods Transport Division and Courier Service is managed through a computerized Operations Center, active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which handles pick-up and delivery of goods, whether urgent or booked in advance, for any destination, even in traffic restricted zones in city centers.
Our operators are specialized in providing estimates for customized transport services, whether on a regular basis or as an immediate one-off, with guaranteed availability 24/7 and attentive monitoring of the service via a GPRS satellite system assuring effective tracking every step of the journey.
COSEPURI carries out urgent transport for businesses, companies, event and conference organizers, institutions, associations and individuals, with immediate, maximum security service to any destination in Italy and abroad.
Our company boasts a long-standing relationship based on customer trust. Our customers know they can rely on our vast fleet of vans or mini-cargos for their every need, accessing destinations even located in the historical city centers.

Request a quote for customized immediate or ongoing transport service:

  • by phone (+39 051 518080), or fax (+39 051 519031)
  • by email ([email protected])
  • or online with the request form in the CONTACTS section of this website. 
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