10 good reasons to undertake the NCC business


Bologna, July 26, 2021

10 good reasons to undertake the NCC business

10 good reasons to undertake the NCC business

Generally, those who choose to undertake the NCC activity and become members of Cosepuri are young people who enter the world of work for the first time, but also older people who, wishing to change their career, are looking for of a new business.

Those who have turned to our experts to explore the opportunities offered by this work and have decided to take this path are both men and women.

There were those who, after having carried out an independent activity in other sectors, were looking for a change. Or those who, after having worked for a long time as an employee in the most disparate roles - technical, commercial, administrative - had the desire to start their own business.

In both cases, it is not easy to abandon the old path for the new one. If you do not have such a brilliant idea to launch a profitable innovative start-up, it is more forward-looking to focus on consolidated businesses whose profitability is already certain.

When a young person is attracted to this business, sometimes it is the family that supports him in the investment necessary to acquire the business, but there are also those who resort to a financing plan by paying the installments with the income from their work. Otherwise, aspiring partners in their 45/50 years are generally fathers of families who decide to change jobs and invest their savings in the acquisition of an activity carried out within an associated context. A careful choice with certain profitability, an ideal combination between the guarantee of a continuous activity and the maintenance of the acquired value over time.


Can we list 10 good reasons to become a car rental company and associate with Cosepuri?

  1. The first is undoubtedly the SOLIDITY of the company.

    Cosepuri is a cooperative that guarantees work to a considerable number of members (271 at the end of 2020) and which includes in its portfolio diversified customer segments both in the public and private sectors, responding to the mobility needs of companies, public bodies, professionals and private citizens. A good capitalization, a large and differentiated fleet, experience, organization, qualified personnel and a Quality and Environmental certification are essential elements for the award of tenders on the occasion of public tenders. In addition to this, the solidity of the company has certainly made a difference in historical periods characterized by serious economic crises. Many small businesses have not been able to withstand the brunt of prolonged difficult periods such as those we went through in the early 1990s or in the years after 2008, just as unfortunately many small businesses will not emerge unscathed from the effects of the pandemic in act for a year now.

  2. The second reason is the STRENGTH deriving from the group.

    The size and success of COSEPURI achieved in almost 50 years of activity clearly indicate that the associated exercise of the activity produces significant advantages in terms of greater contractual strength, improvement of the production capacity and working conditions of the member companies. Cosepuri was born in the early 1970s thanks to a dozen chauffeurs of Bologna who were convinced that sharing clients would allow them to ensure a continuous response to customer transfer requests even if the official driver was busy with other services. The spirit of aggregation made the difference and made it possible to build loyalty and expand the portfolio. Joining Cosepuri means making an investment in your future, becoming owners of the cooperative's share capital and responsible, each in his own small way, for the good performance of the company. In a cooperative enterprise, the individual contribution of each of the associated enterprises helps to increase its potential, to distribute costs more and to make investments that are useful for equipping the structure with the best technologies.

  3. Another reason is represented by the fact that the acquisition of a NCC business exercised within an associated context is a SAFE investment.

    It is important to state that all the NCC members of the Cosepuri Auto Division operate through Authorizations that allow them to carry on business in the supra-municipal area of Bologna, in compliance with current regulations. The quota of these licenses makes them practically unavailable on the local market. They can therefore be acquired by our members who decide to cease the activity due to age limits. With the acquisition of a NCC business, you are not only guaranteed a long-term job but you are guaranteed the investment of a capital that maintains its value over time.

  4. Car rental is a QUALITY job.

    It is no coincidence that it is commonly defined as a profession "in a suit and tie". The slogan "Quality in the buttonhole" - with which Cosepuri promoted the Auto Division in the 90s, using a graphic depicting a kangaroo-shaped pin in the buttonhole of a men's jacket - effectively recalled a high level of service available for the most demanding customers but, at the same time, a quality profession carried out by elegant and impeccable drivers driving prestigious cars.

  5. We cannot overlook the added value of an optimal WORKING ENVIRONMENT.

    In Cosepuri the working environment is healthy and the working climate is excellent. This is demonstrated by the high loyalty of members and staff, whose collaboration is largely over ten years old. In particular, the possibility for our members to independently establish their working hours according to their needs and commitments guarantees ideal working conditions that are difficult to replicate in other autonomous activities.

    What other entrepreneurial activity - which can be carried out individually without the need to set up a partnership and with a limited capital commitment - allows this freedom to manage one's time?

  6. Furthermore, this is an activity that can be shared with one's relatives, creating FAMILY businesses.

    There are several individual firms associated with Cosepuri made up of an owner who makes use of family collaborators. This formula, chosen by fathers and children, husband and wife or brothers, allows you to alternate driving the same car, expanding the working hours during the day and night and optimizing operating costs.

  7. One aspect that has attracted renters from competing properties is EQUAL treatment.

    Thanks to the state-of-the-art technological instrumentation, which allows the satellite geo-localization of the fleet and an automatic calculation of the economic value of the transport services assigned, there is absolute fairness in the distribution of services to members throughout the territory, an aspect that is added reduction of unladen mileage and consequent optimization of the activity.

  8. Another important advantage concerns the guarantee of the INCOME to cover the business risk. In addition to providing work for associated companies and dealing with the search for new customers and new markets, the structure assumes credit recovery in the event of any insolvency, guaranteeing the shareholders the collection of the services performed.

  9. We cannot neglect the benefits deriving from the presence of Cosepuri on a NATIONAL scale.

    On the strength of the results achieved, in the last 20 years, Cosepuri has been able to devote itself to progressively developing its business in other regions by resorting to local operational forces familiar with the territory. By transferring its know-how and a well-tested entrepreneurial formula, Cosepuri has also obtained valid results in other cities, expanding the working horizon for the benefit of the entire social base and further spreading the knowledge of its brand characterized by the kangaroo, a graphic symbol now consolidated and widely known in the Bologna area.

  10. Finally, the strength of the group has enabled strategic ALLIANCES.

    The dimensions reached by Cosepuri have allowed it to attract the attention of a platform that operates on a global scale such as UBER. Thanks to this partnership, from 2020 Cosepuri offers its members the opportunity to intercept the mobility needs of international customers in transit in the city of Bologna.


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