We stand by your side


Bologna, March 6 2020

We stand by your side

Dear Client,

the current state of health emergency has all our attention and it is our intention to reassure you that our activity continues regularly in full compliance with the hygienic / sanitary indications recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health.

The optimal hygienic conditions of the vehicles of our Divisions - Auto, Coach, Bus lines and Delivery service - together with the particular measures adopted in this emergency phase, will continue to represent the first indicator of reliability and safety perceived by the users of our transport services all over Italy.

Thanks to the professionalism of all our drivers and employees, Cosepuri will keep ticking its efficiency over 24/7.
Cosepuri will go on supporting its customers - companies, freelancers, institutions and citizens - who, although hit by the current situation, will demonstrate their ability to overcome looking towards the future with a constructive attitude, continuing to represent exemplary models of industriousness and progress.

Best regards.

Gino Onofri
Cosepuri President