Cosepuri lands in Venice


Bologna, 5 May 2022

Cosepuri lands in Venice

Cosepuri lands in Venice

After initially developing its business in various cities of Emilia-Romagna, and then organizing a platform in the chauffeur service sector along the Turin-Milan-Bologna-Florence-Rome axis, today Cosepuri extends its presence also in the Veneto region.

“The formula is always the same”, explains the Chairman Gino Onofri. “We generally intervene in the territories where the local rental companies ask to join Cosepuri to introduce in their area the entrepreneurial formula we have successfully tested in our region. In this specific case, however, Cosepuri proposes itself to the Veneto tourism and business market through a company associated with Cosepuri for a long time, which operates in that area with the Cortina Express logo, as well as through qualified correspondents in the car rental with driver sector ".

Thanks to these collaborations, which guarantee the availability of offices in Venice and Cortina d'Ampezzo and of a large fleet of Euro 6 Class buses and a prestigious car park, Cosepuri will be able to exploit strategic locations for ground transport of passengers in a region that represents one of the best known destinations in the world, among the first in terms of tourist presence, as well as a widespread entrepreneurial model, branched into different production sectors.

Thanks to the Venice office, ten minutes from Marco Polo Airport and close to the Port of Marghera (docking point for cruise ships), Cosepuri will be able to directly oversee the local market by providing its own specialization in the organization of shuttle services to and from the port or airport for travel agencies and companies.

Furthermore, thanks to the Cortina d'Ampezzo headquarters, where, in particular, the Milan / Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will take place, Cosepuri will be able to make available its experience in the transport of tourists and in the coordination of mobility services related to sporting events.

Finally, again through its associated company, Cosepuri will also be able to offer its customers the Mobility Management service. In fact, the "Relaunch" Decree of 12/05/2021 introduced the obligation for public and private companies with at least 100 workers per production unit to appoint the figure of the Mobility Manager in order to reduce private vehicle traffic.

"We are able to make a consultant registered in the Italian Travel Register and Mobility Manager available to companies in the Veneto and other regions for the annual preparation of the home-work travel plan (Pscl), a qualified figure able to identify useful measures to orient the movement of employees towards forms of sustainable mobility, alternatives to the use of private cars ”, concludes the Chairman Onofri.

Confindustria Emilia Area centro in “FARE News”, May 5th 2022 Thus, a new significant market opportunity is launched to favor, on the one hand, the development of associated companies and, on the other, the expansion of the Bolognese company active since 1972 in four sectors of activity (cars and buses with driver, bus lines and freight transport), which today associates over 270 companies, mostly sole owners, but also structured companies with staff, present in various regions.

Confindustria Emilia Area centro in “FARE News”, 05/05/2022