COSEPURI rents chauffeured tourist minibuses, they are ideal for groups of more than 8 passengers.
The COSEURI Bus Division has a wide range of new minibuses from the best brands, sized 16 to 19 seats: Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco Turbo Daily, Renault Master, Volkswagen Crafeter, etc., all prestigious and loaded with features.
To meet the diverse needs of bus rental services with driver and to offer total comfort while traveling for business or pleasure, all minibuses are richly equipped with special features and have several possible configurations passengers such as 16 + 1 + 1 seats (passengers, tour leader and driver) up to 19 +1 +1 with hydraulic platform and safety devices for wheelchairs.

Ideal for both city and cross-country routes, our minibuses are equipped with:

  • Certified tachograph, highway-access passes (Telepass) and NAV
  • seats with individual seat belts by law
  • adjustable lighting and air conditioning in passenger areas with individual vents and controls
  • panoramic, tinted side windows
  • sound system with wireless microphone
  • Video and DVD media

Our minibus services are versatile and prioritize value for money!

Minibus 19 seats