Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated Trucks

COSEPURI supplies refrigerated cargo vehicles 10-16 cubic meters of volume similar to Iveco Daily, with tail lift that are suitable for goods deliveries that require constant cold in accordance with the law.

Our customers entrust us with the delivery of foodstuffs, biological and pharmaceutical products, etc.

These immediate deliveries are carried out free of intermediary agents and without mixing with other materials, providing ample guarantee of compliance with the HACCP regulations. On board measurement equipment provides the correct temperature in the cargo area for up to 24 hours prior to delivery.

These urgent transport vehicles are equipped with:

  • Isothermal ATP Cooling;
  • Thermostat-recorder in the cabin;
  • Ample, air-conditioned cargo compartment;
  • Cargo refrigeration is equipped to maintain cooling even when the vehicle is parked.

In particular, COSEPURI is specialized in the transport of foodstuffs, such as:

  • meat, fish, dairy products, fresh pasta, pasta (0/+4 C°)

As well as in transportation of frozen goods, such as:

  • ice cream, frozen goods ( -10/ -12 C°), and deep frozen goods ( -18/ -24 C°)

All vehicles are driven by professional drivers, experts in this delicate type of delivery.

Capacity 0-18 quintal